Advanced Solo

You may not enter this category if:

– You placed (first, first runner up or second runner up) in the Semi Pro category of any Miss Lyra state heat or the National Final in 2019. 

Not permitted in the Advanced category:

– Inverting on the strap/rope (holding onto the strap/rope and lifting your body above your head).
– Single foot, toe or heel hangs.
– More than one set of continuous rolls (the same roll executed more than once in a row). To clarify, you may do ONE continuous roll only (for example; you may do either a continuous lion roll OR elbow rolls – but not both).
– The use of foot/hand loops. 

Advanced routines must:

– Be no longer than 3mins in length.
– Include at least one advanced drop (any drop from or above the top bar).
– Include at least one trick above the top bar (any trick that requires the majority of the competitors body to be above the top bar).