General Rules

Competitors must be over the age of 16 to enter Miss Lyra Australia & International (anyone between the ages of 8 and 15 years can enter our junior competition; Little Lyras). No g-strings, partial nudity or pasties. Instructors and professional aerialists are not permitted to enter the Amateur Solo category. All successful competitors must be able to attend a tech run at the venue on the day of the competition. All successful competitors must sign an indemnity form & media release prior to the date of competition. No two competitors will be allowed to use the same music. All music and props must be cleared with production. Any successful applicants withdrawing from a state heat or National Final with less than 4 weeks notice will be restricted from applying again the following year (exceptions will be made for injury or illness accompanied by a doctors certificate).


The Audition fee is $25AUD for Miss Lyra Australia & International and $20AUD for Little Lyras. 

Optional (for live shows only) – A professionally filmed and edited video of your performance and professional, high res photos will be available for purchase for $60. This must be ordered and paid for in advance. A download link for your video will be emailed to you within 30 days of the competition.

Show Information

A Performers Pack will be sent to all successful competitors shortly after announcement detailing staging & rigging specifications etc. Competitors are permitted to supply their own lyra and nominate their chosen performance height (from floor to bottom of the hoop). Please contact us if you do not have access to your own lyra as we may be able to organise hire.

Judging Criteria

In each category the judges will be asked to score performances based on the following criteria.

TRICKS (out of 5) *Technique/Execution *Difficulty *Originality *Transitions *Strength (for Advanced Solo & Semi Pro Solo only) *Flexibility (for Semi Pro Solo only)
SHOW (out of 5) * Choreography *Musicality *Stage Presence *Costume/Presentation *Unison (for Doubles only)
SHOW TIME will be given a score out of 10 purely on entertainment value.

We suggest when creating your routine you pay extra attention to the following:
- Creativity & Originality
- Costume, Hair & Make Up Overall Performance (eg; character, faces, engaging the audience)
- Clean & easy execution of tricks
- Clean, smooth & original transitions between tricks
- Timing (eg; knowing how long to hold each trick for)
- Musicality (eg; hitting accents, moving with the music)
- Form (eg; pointed toes, lines, posture)
- Endurance (eg; not running out of breath or energy)
- Sticking to the rules of each category (as outlined on our Info pages)

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