Compete in Miss Lyra Australia!

Miss Lyra is Australia's first and only dedicated aerial hoop competition. Miss Lyra is open to Amateur Solo, Advanced Solo, Semi Pro Solo, Doubles and Show Time. To compete in one of our State Heats, you must have your audition video ready and purchase an audition. If your application is chosen, you will compete in your State Heat with the chance to move on to the National Finals! 

State Heats


Saturday, 5th June | Arcana Brisbane

Auditions closed


Saturday, 24th July | Hornsby RSL

Auditions closed


Saturday, 31st July | Thornbury Theatre

Auditions open March 19th - May 23rd 2021


Saturday, 21st August | The Goodwood Institute

Auditions open March 7th - June 6th 2021

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National Finals

Saturday, 9th October | Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne

How to Audition

You must have your audition video and a high-res image of yourself ready BEFORE purchasing an audition. Audition videos must be a minimum of 2 minutes and maximum of 3 minutes in length and do not have to be the same as your competing routine. You will be asked to submit the link to your video after you purchase your audition (YouTube or Vimeo only).

Purchase an audition for the State Heat you wish to participate in. The audition submission fee is $25. You will immediately be required to fill out a form with all competitor information, provide a link to your audition video, and upload a high-res photo. 

Audition Now!

Successful auditions will be notified within a fortnight of audition closing. If you are successful, you will go on to compete in your State Heat. Only the winner & 1st runner up progress through to the National Finals. 

Important Information for Competitors


+ Audition videos must be a minimum of 2 minutes and maximum of 3 minutes in length.
+ Audition routine does not have to be the same as your competing routine.
+ Audition video must adhere to the same category restrictions and requirements for each audition category.
+ Audition video must be one continuous take (no editing).
+ Video submissions will only be accepted via link to YouTube or Vimeo.
+ You must be aged 16 years or older to enter Miss Lyra Australia (if you are between the ages of 8 and 15, you may enter our junior competition; Little Lyras).
+ Please only audition for Miss Lyra Australia if you are financially able, available and willing to attend the State Heat on the date listed above. Please note any successful applicants withdrawing from a State Heat or National Finals with less than 4 weeks notice will be restricted from entering the following year (exceptions will be made for injury or illness accompanied by a doctors certificate).


All finalists will be graded as follows:

Technique (out of 10)
Performance (out of 10)
Overall presentation
Costume, hair etc (out of 10)


Rigging for all Miss Lyra Australia events is done by our tried, tested and trusted qualified professionals. You will be provided with a free standing truss with a pulley system (including rope, carabiner and swivel/spinner). The pulley system allows competitors to provide their own single point lyra and nominate their preferred floor to bottom of the hoop height. Please note you have between 3.5-4m overall height (from the stage floor to the rigging point) to work with (this may vary slightly between state heats and will be confirmed once auditions have closed). Whilst we are more than happy for you to provide your own strap/rope, in the past we have run into issues with achieving your preferred hoop height using straps/ropes 1m or more in length. Please factor the length of your strap/rope into your overall height clearance.If you are unable to provide your own lyra, we have a 90cm solid stainless steel, single point hoop fully wrapped in black cotton tape you may use on the night (**please note, use of this hoop in NSW & QLD will incur a $20 hire fee).

PLEASE NOTE: Pulley systems do have bounce and tend to swing. Please factor this into your training and performance.

Props & Music

Props are permitted and encouraged but to be kept to a minimum and must be able to be set up and removed by our stage hands within 1min. No two competitors will be allowed use of the same musical track and approval will be given on a first in best dressed basis.

Tech Run

We will be holding a tech run on the day at the venue in the same order as the show itself. Once we have received all accepted competitors performance information we will be able to confirm all categories tech run times. Each competitor will get one full run through with their music and props. This will be your opportunity to discuss anything you need to with the sound, riggers and production teams. Please ensure your props are 100% completed prior to your tech run.It will be your responsibility to ensure you are organised, on time and do not miss your tech run.

Official Miss Lyra Rulebook