Show Time

Open to all levels, male & female.

– Can be entered as a soloist or in groups of 3-5.
– No more than 2 people permitted on the hoop at once.
– Routines are to be no longer than 3.5mins in length.
– Audition videos for the Show Time category must reflect your intended competing routine. Choreography can be altered for the competition but the theme/story line must remain the same. Show Time will be judged purely on the entertainment value of the routine as apposed to the calibre of tricks. This means a beginner level competitor can compete against a semi pro level competitor. Routines will be given a single score out of 10 purely based on entertainment value alone.

**Competitors in the Show Time category may use any style of hoop (e.g.; double point, trapeze, horizontal, alternative shapes etc) as long as their supporting straps/ropes lead back to a single point.**